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Kick Butt Underwear Pack


Hey you! It's really important that you know two things: 

  1. Today is going DOWN, because you are going to kick today right in the butt. You are so capable and interesting and have so much to offer. The world is so lucky to have such a special butt-kicker like you.
  2. Your butt is SO DANG CUTE. No really, it's an amazing booty. If you ever think your butt is anything less than perfect, sorry, you're wrong. My favorite part is the butt. 

You are BAD-ASS with a GREAT ASS.

This super fun pack of underwear is a lil extra boost, for the good days to be great and the bad days to be at least a little better. Each unique pair features kicking, butts, and/or kicking butts... to help you kick butt. There are two black slogan pairs with fab-u-lous multi-colored (soft and comfy) elastic, and three patterned pairs with coordinating elastic. These come in a breathable cotton bikini cut, because you don't have to sacrifice comfort to have cute undies!

  • 95% cotton, 5% spandex
  • Low rise bikini cut (enough coverage, but still fun)
  • Five pairs (two with slogans on black, three with colorful prints)
  • Quite stretchy! If you're debating between two sizes, size down