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Body Positive Statement Buckle Waist Belt


This belt will make people stop talking and glance your way when you enter a room, in the best possible way. It can pull together a busy look, or be the star of your outfit! The geometric buckle is unique but still sophisticated. It matches everything, and is soft and luxurious to the touch... but is still vegan!

But while this belt is fab at first glance, it also has an important secret message stamped inside in gold foil: "YOUR BEAUTY AND WORTH ARE UNRELATED TO YOUR WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE." And it's so true. Your value is SO much more than your physical appearance. But also... your appearance is actually hot as hell🔥 completely independent from arbitrarily patriarchal nonsense. Look me in the eyes, okay? YOU. ARE. PERFECT. Exactly as you are. Even if you're a little bloated today, or your body has been going through some gnarly changes, or any other ableist/body-shaming/racist/etc. 🐂💩 that has made you think you're anything less than A+.   

  • Soft vegan black leather
  • Body positive message stamped inside, because society is an asshole, and it's important you know how gorgeous you are (inside and out!)
    (Not visible when being worn, because it's your little secret!)
  • Buckle measures 3 ½" tall, belt measures 2 ¼" tall
  • Runs small: sizing up is recommended

You may notice the sizes are numerical instead of lettered. We don't want you to associate your size name with any sort of positive or negative connotation, and tried to make the sizes sound as neutral as possible. Please refer to size chart to pick your size. 

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