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The Ultimate Self Care Notepad


This marble and gold foil dual-notepad is laid out with Short Term (daily) and Long Term (weekly/monthly) prompts, with healthy doses of cheeky sass and compassion. 

Some of the healthy habits we've included are Challenge Mode level (especially during our couch potato depressive spirals) so we've acknowledged how hard and anxiety-inducing that stuff can be, while also encouraging wellness in a fun way. (Like, ugh, I don't want to go outside and put on SHOES or a BRA, but it turns out it's actually pretty helpful...)  

Fill out a Short Term page throughout the day for guidance, or at night to reflect on your past day. The Long Term pages provide reflection for the past as well as goals for the future. 

  • 100 pages for each section (200 pages total)
  • Total size 9.5" x 6.5" x 0.5" inches
  • Pages are 4.5" x 5.5" inches 
  • Pink marble flip cover with gold foil accents 

P.S. if you're anything like us, you set unrealistically high expectations for yourself and have 100 crazy goals no normal human could actually accomplish. It's impossible to have it all! You're doing so great!

P.P.S. All suggestions have been backed by science and our personal trusted therapists. (Note from our Designer Robin: Hi guys! I was/am depressed and anxious as EFF. Each day is still a challenge, but these have all really helped me. It can be harrrd to get started, but take baby steps, behb!)

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