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Do It (For) Yourself Bazaar


Hey guys... it's me, Robin, founder and designer of Dash of Pep! As you may know, there's a reason I started a mental health company! 💁‍♀️🙃 I struggle with depression and anxiety. (And ADHD, and a mood disorder, and...) Sometimes it feels like a constant uphill battle to function. In the past, this has resulted in unhealthy overworking, and generally not taking care of myself.  

So... I have been bribing myself to take a step back and exhale with ✨CRAFTS!✨ I work a normal human number of hours, then go home (before midnight?!) and make something while re-watching dumb healing movies. This is the first time in my entire life I have some semblance of WORK-LIFE BALANCE! 

I make each of these by hand (including repurposing some spare Dash of Pep charms!) The resin pieces are hand mixed/poured by me. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT a professional jeweler, so I am basically pricing these at cost. (These will not pay my rent, but they do pay my wellbeing!) I am also at the whim of Michael's supplies, so I can't guarantee everything is as hypogenic as Dash of Pep jewelry normally is. If you have sensitive skin, please reach out and I will investigate. Some pieces were made with spare Dash of Pep findings, which have the fabulous quality, hypoallergenic gold plating you know and love.

  • Each piece is one of a kind, hand made by me, Robin! 
  • More information about each BELOW (measurements are approximate)

A - 2.9" in length, ombre resin with iridescent flakes, pressed flower
B - 2.6" in length, hoops with crystal bow, silver stars, and rainbow flowers
C - 1.7" in length, enamel pizzarat with crystals
E - 2.9" in length, dangling crystals and pink crystal flower
F - 4.6" in length, pearl hoops with plastic ice cream cones, dangling crystals, and crystal flower studs
G - 2.6" in length, black bead and pearl hoops with black white gingham wood bead and silver star studs
H - 2.9" in length, turquoise and black beaded hoops with wood/resin round charm and black faux fur pompoms
I - 18.5" in length, pearl bead necklace with mushroom cat, apple, and daisy enamel charms, with gold star beads 
K - 3.8" in length *DASH OF PEP gold-plated studs* gold hoops with pressed flower resin charm, gold crystal stars, and ombre crystal teardrop gem
L - 2.9" in length, enamel flower dinosaur with multicolor crystal flowers and crystal flower studs
N - 3.4" in length, enamel corgis with dangling crystals and layered resin and wood stars
O - approximately ring size 7 - black marbled resin ring with rainbow "AHHHH" sequin letters applied in clear resin
P - approximately ring size 7 - pink glitter resin ring with holographic black "ANXIETY" sequin letters applied in clear resin
🐇 - 2.3" in length, pearl and pink flower hoops, surgical steel heart stud, pink plastic bunnies
☯️ - 2.6" in length, lightweight, sterling silver/rhodium/CZ crystal stud, enamel yin and yang and black white checkerboard heart
🐰 - 2.9" in length, lightweight, 18K gold plated crystal flower stud, gold bead hoops with enamel cute bunny and enamel flowers with pearl centers
❤️ - 2.5" in length, 0.7 oz per set (moderate but not heavy weight), surgical steel heart stud, red solid wood hearts, googly eyes
🌻 - 2.5" in length, gold circle stud, diamond shaped crystal, pearlescent round gems
🐞 - 3" in length, 0.6 oz per set (moderate but not heavy weight), *DASH OF PEP gold-plated studs*, crystal and enamel bee/beetle on wood stars, dangling from black and red evil eye beads
🌟 - 2.9" in length, *DASH OF PEP gold-plated studs*, purple mini crystal flowers, large opalescent star gems with textured gold outline
🦖 - 2.4" in length, surgical steel heart stud, dangling plastic pink dino with green berry, hoop of printed floral white beads
👁️ - 3.2" in length, black acrylic circle studs, gold sunburst eye charms on layered wood resin circles, with textured gold organic shapes dangling from behind
🎨 - 3" in length, black enamel and crystal flower stud, enamel charm cup of tiny pens and flower, dangling black and pink lightning bolts (BECAUSE ART IS POWERFUL) 
🍔 - 2.8" in length, white pearlescent acrylic studs, black glitter acrylic hoops, plastic burger charms, dangling black white enamel checker heart charms
⛓️ - 17.5" in length, jumbo black to red to pink ombre lobster claw clips, mini black beads in back, butterfly and pink CZ flower charm dangling (charms can be removed upon request)