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You're A Star Fake Collar Dickey


We here at Dash of Pep are all about that cutie aesthetic, but not so into the hassle of cutie aesthetic maintenance! Embellishments are glam AF but so tedious to launder! ("Dry clean only" is just a synonym for dirty.) Layering is such a vibe, but it's so bulky and sweaty!

Enter... THE DICKEY! A pretty dumb word, but a totally genious not-quite-garment. This instantly adds flair and sophistication to humdrum outfits without bulk, and way more low maintenance than a regular collared shirt.

Star-shaped beading and crystals sparkle on this fake collar, because YOU'RE A STAR. You're doing so so great, especially considering the circumstances. And even if you're not feeling yourself, or totally whole, you're STILL a shining star. (Get it?! Because this isn't a whole shirt!) You are so incredible and worthy of love even if you're Going Through Some Stuff right now.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Embellished with star-shaped beading, crystals, and pearls 
  • "You're a star" printed on the tag in case you need a reminder
  • 17 inch neck circumference
    • Please note this is slightly larger than the standard size! This is to accommodate as many beautiful human bodies as possible! Also, we don't like feeling choked...
  • We recommend hand washing. However, we've totally thrown it in a non-delicate cycle and it did just fine! If you go that route, please hang dry!

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