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Glitter Enamel Pin Set

Self Care Plants
You Be You

We've restocked these faves! These sets feature multiple glitter and gloss enamel, with secure and comfortable rubber backings. 

  • NYC 1: New York is a hot mess and so are we! 🏙️🤪 The pizzarat 🐀 and NYC as a whole are loveable AND disgusting, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Love yourself BECAUSE of your flaws, not despite them 🥰
  • SELF CARE PLANTS:  Plants need sunlight and water to thrive, and so do you! These adorable personified potted plants🪴 are so happy because they're meeting their needs! Featuring pastel geometric shapes in the background. 
  • YOU BE YOU: You BEE you! 🐝 You are so special just the way you are! This set also including two adorable eyes 👁️ 👁️ to match our apparel print, which you can fasten to anything to make an instant friend! 
  • NYC 2: Our obsession with NYC, continued with these icons! Pigeons 🐦 don't care about the haters, they do what they want! Get your self care on when your feet are killing you and you've had a long day - grab that yellow cab 🚕, you deserve it! ☕
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