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Kick Today in the Butt Notebook


Therapy in a book that's... wait for it... butt themed! Yes, a fully grown adult decided to draw a bunch of butts to add some much-needed levity to the occasionally daunting task of being a human being. 

This is the ultimate notebook to manage your physical, emotional, and professional well-being while avoiding those pesky shame spirals. This notebook is so proud of you! 

  • Daily pages include prioritized to do list, schedule, and a thoughtful physical and emotional check in!
  • The tabbed pages feature goal and habit tracking (including a place for stickers!) and gentle reminders to be kind to yourself
  • Butt shapes are diverse because not all butts look the same
  • Fill in dates at the top of each page - AKA no need to tear out a dozen pages when you (understandably!) skip a day or 12. We gotchu.