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Self Care Sticker Pack


Societal expectations are kinda nuts, you guys! There's always a million things to do, and when we finally have a moment to exhale, we secretly feel a little guilty for taking time to pause. *Spray bottle* NOPE! None of that toxic workaholic go-go-go nonsense allowed over here! Pausing and taking the time to meet your own needs is beautiful and fabulous and severely underrated. 

You don't have to be perfect all the time. You don't need to fill every inch of your calendar. You don't have to keep your feelings inside. You don't have to prioritize others over yourself. You are a HUMAN BEING, a really wonderful one, and you need to allow yourself to recharge. Put on your own air mask first, cutie.

  • Holographic glitter
  • Four sheets per pack
  • These illustrated stickers help you be kind to yourself
  • The plants are so happy to be meeting their needs!
  • Use on your journal, calendar, forehead, fridge... 
  • Additional compassionate (and relatable) messaging on the packaging :)
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